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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Newland's Sunday

I knew that there must be something going on when a Whinchat appeared in the top of the garden hedgerow, mid-morning. I couldn't get straight out, as there were a few jobs needed doing, so it was around 11.15 hrs before I ventured over to the farm. I discovered around 20 Wheatears and a further four Whinchats around the area, with a lone Swallow by the barn and a Peregrine marauding in the skies above St. Luke's playing field. I couldn't find a single "phyllosc" around the area - very strange?

There were groups of Wheatears flitting about out on the potato stubble;
never still for very long, they seemed to be making their way south in a rather deliberate manner

Odd Meadow Pipits "tseeped" their way overhead but the weather has become a little overcast with a rather stiff (16 mph) NE, so there could be something awaiting discovery out in the stubble? I might get out for another look later this afternoon.

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