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Monday, 22 September 2014

Scamp saves the day

I was back at Sandwich Coarse Fishery for a short afternoon session. Two rods fitted with centre pins  - purely because they were still attached from my last trip here and I couldn't be bothered to change them.

I fished one with Spicy Pepperami, tipped with half an orange pop-up, the other was a 12mm Robin Red pellet with half a yellow pop-up. The swim was liberally scattered with my barbel particle mix (so I won't be disclosing what it consists of - just yet!) topped up with a few samples of my hook baits.

The signs were encouraging, but I had no indication on my alarms for over three hours. With less than thirty minutes remaining, my left hand rod was away and I found myself attached to a very lively little Common. Not quite how I wanted it to turn out - but I didn't blank!
The scamp that saved the day - the Robin Red pellet and yellow pop-up visible.
Duncan Kay carp rod and a Match Aerial centre pin

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