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Monday 21 July 2014

This can't be right - can it ?

Firstly; I'm sat here, at my desk, listening to  Alanis Morrisette instead of Gerry Rafferty, Jimi Hendrix or Joe Satriani - something isn't quite in kilter? (Well not everything - I do have a can of Stella!)
I have a mate?, whom I have never met, that resides within "blogland" - a concept that takes some getting in to - at the age of 58 I'm in! Today has seen a post, by Steve Gale (Northdowns & Beyond), dedicated to my own ridiculously obscure views on our relationship with the natural world.
Flattered? I was completely bowled over - why me?
On Friday, I'd hurt myself whilst at work - nothing too terrible, but worth getting into the accident book - just in case! At the age of 18 I'd have run it off - forty years later it might be the start of arthritis - so it's in the records. One of our factory "safety officers"  is also reader of my blog - he had made mention, many years ago (when I was the Non-conformist") that I should write a book!
The rigmarole of getting this health and safety documentation completed ensured that he got involved and we had a chance to have a chat. "Go for it" - it seems that this project has some merit and the snowball is starting to roll down hill.
I'm completely "head-fucked" by this recent interest in my life, as much as I'm flattered - the thought that I might be able to add value to the lives of others is something I'd never previously considered.
So to Steve Gale - my heart felt thanks for the endorsement; to Richard Heffernen - I hope I'm able to deliver the story which you feel is within me!
I could post a series of photos - but why? This is about me and now - and where, the fuck, am I headed?

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