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Monday 28 July 2014

Effort equals success

It was exactly a year ago, today (27.07.2013), that I managed to capture my first barbel from the Kentish Stour. I'd been out on Friday; Benno, Tom and Luke (a bit part on this occasion) also present. Benno took a Bream of 5lbs 2oz, Tom blanked and I got destroyed by a bite which I missed completely. I would love to say eels (as Simon and Benno suggested) but my gut feeling was that I'd screwed up the first chance of the year?
So, when it became clear that another window of opportunity might be available, I did all I could to be ready. I changed my bait, rig and hook size - altered the particle mix with the addition of a spicy additive and was on the river by 19.30 hrs - swim baited up within 30 minutes and a hook bait in the water some 45 minutes later - just as the light started to fade. Bev had offered the ritual "tight lines" as I departed, but cautioned against reading too much into it - "you'll catch nothing again - as usual!" Such confidence in her husbands' ability.
I knew different - I could feel it. The omens were all in my favour; surely tonight was the one where it all fell into place. Darkness descended and I contented myself watching the Daubenton's Bats as they skimmed across the surface of the water, occasionally catching the line causing a bleep on the alarm and a flicker of the rod-tip. Just after 22.00 hrs it happened. The rod tip wrenched round, the alarm screamed into life and my Matt Hayes centre-pin span wildly as a fish bolted off with my bait. A fantastic scrap ensued before I was able to slide the net under the first barbel of 2014. All 12 lbs 10 oz of it - never has a fish been more welcome.

If anyone knows the swim from this background - they will probably be on first name terms with
this barbel?
However, unlike last season, I know exactly why I caught this fish and, in as much, am able to derive a great deal of pleasure from the event. If my confidence is justified then I feel sure it won't be long before I am adding to my tally of barbel from this superb river
Never easy getting that "perfect" self-take shot.
Hands all over the flanks and too much glare - how I wish Benno had been there

As with all of our fish - I made the effort to record both flanks, so to aid id of individual specimens as the project moves forward.


  1. Bravo! Change in tactics paying dividends already, great to see! :)

  2. Well done Dyl looks a nice fish see you in the week.