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Sunday 26 January 2014

Tough going

My quest for a 3 lbs+ perch is really starting to get to me. I have a venue, that Benno has already taken a 2 lbs 11 oz specimen from, which has all the ingredients for a decent project/challenge. Being a commercial carp fishery, the perch which reside within the complex are a relatively un-tapped resource. Basically, what we discover for ourselves is the best info we have. The reports from other "match" and/or "pleasure" anglers of a 3 lbs perch here, there and everywhere have to be taken in context - very few of these fish have visited a set of scales (as individuals). Guesstimation is a fact of life where angling is concerned. Didn't have scales, nor a camera - a very familiar tale when in conversation with a captor of such a specimen.
I got tucked in, under my brolly, in a very nice swim.
As a commercial fishery these custom built wooden platforms are just the ticket - if you use a rod-pod!
I don't - so had to position my rod-rests in the water and the soft verge beside the decking.
It doesn't take much for the fable to become fact - commercial fisheries thrive on such legends! It is easy to become cynical, in such circumstances, yet there is "no smoke without fire". The whisper that Ben & I had heard wasn't without some substance. Benno has already demonstrated that 2 lbs+ perch are in two, of the six, ponds/lakes of the complex; it is now down to me (as I'm the only one on a mission!) to put together the pieces of the puzzle, posed by this particular fishy conundrum.
I have chosen to tackle a water of approximately two acres (The "specimen lake"). How many perch? I don't think anyone has a clue. The story goes that they were stocked at over 4 lbs! Do any of these original fish remain and, more importantly, is the environment able to sustain that weight? The two perch that Benno landed were in excellent health and condition, so I have no reason to doubt the quality of the environment, but is it capable of producing a perch of 4 lbs naturally?
My "swing arm" bite indicators are set to their lightest loading and positioned to allow
the maximum lift before the line tightens against the reel.
Perch are extremely intolerant of resistance - as well as being very light sensitive!
I was back again, today (14.00 - 17.30 hrs), fishing two rods over a baited area - not a sniff! It is only by enduring these blank sessions that I will build up a picture of the fishery and the productive areas. My major problem is with access to swims. It's a day ticket venue and, as such, I am no more, or less, privileged than any other angler. I pay my money and fish whatever swim(s) are available. Turning up at 14.00hrs! I can't be surprised that some of my favoured swims have been taken. This is where working shifts has its' benefits. I should be able to get down, during the week, when most other guys are at work.
Bait presentation and bite indication are all worthy aspects of my challenge but, as yet, not worth the day ticket money; I can't locate the perch! However, I remain upbeat about my prospects, this isn't another Kentish Stour barbel hunt - I am convinced that I have the experience and ability to see a successful end to this chapter in my angling escapades.

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  1. I'm following with interest Dyl, I wish you all the best. No doubt you will have a tight line soon.