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Thursday 9 January 2014

Game over?

Back to the cemetery for another hour, or so, just to attempt to get to grips with the true id of the "Ramsgate Warbler". Luckily, I heard the bird call on several occasions - usually quite distant, but one bout of four repeated calls allowed me a quick glimpse through my binoculars before it flitted off behind the Chapel.
I have to conclude that the bird is definitely a Yellow-browed Warbler. The structure and quality of the piercing call being one that I know well from many autumn encounters with this species.
Fortunately, Phil B turned up and has managed to get a video sound recording of the bird calling this morning - using his i-phone. He is taking it down to Dungeness, in the next couple of days, to let Dave Walker have a listen; so as to compare it with the Hume's that is present around the Trapping Area. To me it's a no-brainer. That the call is able to carry for well over 100m in windy conditions speaks for itself - it is not a subdued, disyllabic, "du-weet" or anything close!
I agree, whole-heartedly, with the consensus that this is a very drab individual and shows many characteristics associated with Hume's - just the call let's it down.  So Yellow-browed for me - 100%!

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