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Sunday 19 January 2014

More learning at a new venue

Benno, Luke and I were back at the "local day ticket fishery" bright and early. We were unable to return to the swims we'd fished the previous Sunday, so decided to fish another of the lakes within the complex.
Quite what I was doing is open for debate - I blanked in spectacular style. Luke took a few fish, but it was Ben that showed us the way to do it. He landed two perch over 2lbs (2.08 & 2.11) plus a nice bonus carp, of 15lbs, which took a liking to a lob-worm fished on 6lbs b.s. line. It had a proper tear up and was a spectacular looking specimen, in wonderful condition.
A beautiful perch of 2lbs 11oz
It was another very enjoyable session and one which has helped us with our understanding of the perch within the fishery. I've only ever landed three perch over two pounds, in my life! Ben has had three in the last eight days!! I remain confident, however, that my time will come.
A fantastic carp; in superb condition - a nice advert for the fishery

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  1. Sir i remember you at Stanborough Lakes , you used to say theres a good place to catch a carp and then catch one . LOL this was out of place in the early 80s because carp fishing for most people at the lake still treated carp fishing as a well unknown entity i remember being in awe of your ability to catch what was then monsters of the lake . What a strange shape that carp is in your picture compared to the more designer creations of the 21st century . Great memories thanks for the pic have you got any of the nearby Holwell Hyde lake in redlands WGC??