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Sunday 12 January 2014

By way of a change

I simply couldn't face yet another session on the RMC. The recent run of ridiculous wind and rain has played havoc with the levels and clarity of this, and many other, fishery. Benno and I had spoken during the week about a change of scenery; we'd heard a whisper of some decent perch being caught at a local day-ticket venue. Gadget and I went down (with Emily) on Saturday, to check it out and all three of us were back at first light, this morning.
The first, and best, fish of the day - 2lbs 4oz of stripey perfection.
The weather forecast couldn't have been further from the truth if they'd predicted a "polar vortex". Instead of the promised cloud we experienced wonderful sunshine and very light winds - so not ideal for the pursuit of large perch. We gave it a shot and Benno had a decent catch of seven fish to 2lbs 4oz, I managed just a single fish of little more than a pound, whilst Gadget struggled for a bite!
Lesser Redpoll
I managed to add five more species to my year list; they being Lesser Redpoll, Green Sandpiper, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail and Reed Bunting - the birding was of a much better quality than the angling. A heavy, overnight, frost probably didn't aid our cause but, by the time we'd packed up there were enough clues to suggest that we might just get a decent specimen if we put a little effort into the project.

A smart little male
As always, I played around with the camera whilst I awaited a bite - these two Lesser Redpolls perched in the alders directly behind my swim. They provided a nice series of images as they posed in the bright morning sunlight

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