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Friday 17 January 2014

Time for a change of plan?

Since November 2011; my insistence on pike fishing "unfashionable waters" has provided me with many challenges, and undoubted highs, as I've sought to unravel the mysteries of each chosen venue. Lessons, learnt during my lunatic past, have provided a basis for my (and Benno's) successes with some wonderful fish being landed. What I couldn't have been prepared for, however much I can recall from the past, is the effect of the present weather patterns and the resultant floodwater conditions, that have rendered un-fishable many of the venues that I have targeted this winter. My 2013/14 pike fishing has been a dire catalogue of blanks and "jacks" - only one double gracing my landing net, thus far!
23lbs 14oz - Stanborough Lake, Welwyn Garden City, Herts.
Almost thirty years ago!
Way back then this was a very good carp, and my fourth over 20lbs from the "Cracker Factory".
Today it wouldn't make the fishery report pages of the weeklies!

I could revert to piking some of the large still waters, of which there are many within an hours' drive, or (as we did last weekend) seek a new challenge? On 7th February 1984 I captured a carp of 23lbs 14oz - it remains my PB. Quite simply, I've not spent any time chasing carp away from the "wildies" of Long Shaw Farm. A new PB carp is well within my grasp at many of our local fisheries; small still waters that remain relatively unaffected by the current floodwater. Maybe, just maybe? The fish I seek are of a size as to be of no interest to the "carp boys" who are seeking specimens in excess of 40lbs - how times have changed. A fish of 26lbs+ would fit the bill nicely; I might just see what I can do.

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