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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Scamping again

Bev came back from Cornwall today, she's been on holiday with her parents and brother for the past week; hence Benno and I getting so much fishing in! After his success of yesterday, Benno had some work this morning and I decided that a session on Scroggin's Lake, Marshside, would be the best way of wasting my time whilst awaiting the call to collect Bev from Herne Bay. With the benefit of hindsight, Long Shaw Farm would have been a better bet - at least I'd be in with a realistic chance of a few doubles.
A chunky little fish - very different in shape from the strain present in Long Shaw Farm
I took about a dozen carp, all but one off the top, loosing another six or seven - so it was certainly a lively session. The best fish weighed 8lbs 9oz and put up a splendid fight on my Tring Tench Special and Matt Hayes centrepin, the smallest five probably wouldn't have weighed as much as Benno's barbel! - still it was very enjoyable in the blazing sunshine. Benno is still "buzzing"; he finished work, had some breakfast then went on the lash (so very child-ish?) - I will wait and see what my reaction is if/when I get a fish from the river. My guess is that it will be very similar, except I'll miss out the work and breakfast bit!

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