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Sunday, 21 July 2013

It's getting personal

My quest for a barbel from the Kentish R. Stour continues; I've spent quite a while recently, on the bank with very mixed results. Last Tuesday, after my shift ended (22.00hrs), I spent the entire night getting hammered by eels! Friday morning saw me return, starting at 03.30hrs - I blanked! Saturday evening was spent in the company of Benno and Cliff (Bunny) Bunyon, who'd taken a 12lbs 3oz barbel from the R. Lodden during the week!

No; I didn't get my fish, but at least I didn't blank (& I didn't experience eel aggrovation) - I took a small chub, whilst Benno blanked and Bunny enjoyed the fun-packed eel action that I'd endured earlier in the week - in an adjacent swim.

Emily happily posing with an Elephant Hawk-moth

Emily had stayed overnight on Friday, so was on hand to assist when I emptied the moth trap. As a "terrible two" - she showed a great interest in the contents and was happy to pose with a smart Elephant Hawk-moth. She is showing all the signs of becoming a willing recruit to the wonders of our natural world?

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