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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I'll stick at it for as long as it takes!

Back down to the river this evening - barbel being the objective. I have been in regular contact with Benno and Simon, discussing many aspects of our approach and the best hook bait size. I have tweaked my rigs and changed my centrepins for fixed spools. 12lbs b.s. line, 2oz "gripper" leads and size 10 wide gape Korda carp hooks. (I'll be changing these before my next session - they are too small!)
Around 3lbs 14oz - this little chap effectively ruined my chances of a barbel.
My ABU Cardinal 155 is purely for decoration - fish layed on the floor are generally rather boring subjects.
I now have a set-up with which I am 100% confident; in as much as I'm sure that it will handle any barbel that swims in the River Stour. My bait choice is to go large, in order to prevent eels from being a problem (not working - I had an eel of 2lbs-ish tonight) and thus remain intact long enough for the barbel to find it. I hadn't counted on the ability of chub to take large baits. As it got dark, my rod was wrenched around and I found myself attached to a spirited fish. My plan, to "hit and hold", worked perfectly but, as the chub weighed less than 4lbs, the commotion caused as it crashed around on the surface effectively finished my swim for a while - so I packed up and came home.
I could have stayed on but, with work at 05.00hrs, I decided that I'd had enough for one night. I'll be back soon; there is unfinished business to attend to.

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