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Sunday 17 March 2013

Some more - looking through the back door!

I don't think that our back garden is anything particularly special, yet I have to admit that I get a great deal of pleasure from the general comings and goings of the visitors to our feeding station. The three pairs of local Herring Gulls are a very effective garbage disposal unit - the majority of our food waste being consumed by these birds. They don't do greens or carrots - so have an awful lot in common with me and my brothers - but will eat almost anything with fat/oil content; even my discarded dead baits!
Looking outwards through the glass of  our kitchen door.

We use the sweepings from the aviary as loose feed - much to the liking of the local Collared Doves and "Micky's". (Micky Streeter was a business partner of my brother Tim, many years ago) So all feral Rock Doves are known as Micky Streeters! - street pigeons and homeless racing pigeons.

A nice sighting - this individual providing a cameo appearance as it grabbed a chunk of bread that I'd thrown on the patio.
With all this loose feed spread around the area, it is hardly surprising that we are also attracting some non-avian visitors. This morning it was to be a Wood Mouse that provided extra interest. I managed to grab a couple of shots as this individual collected a chunk of bread before scurrying off back under our adjacent coal shed.
Cock Chaffinch in our Norwegian Spruce - ISO 800 - 1/320th sec - so a very grainy image

Chaffinches continue to feature around the feeding station, a minimum of 17 individuals seen today, along with a few Greenfinches. The Robins are as aggressive as always, but have provided a little interest as one has learnt to use the sunflower feeder.

Some nice feeding behaviour - a Robin actively taking sunflower hearts from a feeder.

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