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Saturday 9 March 2013

Pastures new

I am going back to the RMC tomorrow for my final pike session of the 2012/13 season. I have it in my head, to try an area where none of us have previously fished. I have a theory that our recent run was because we'd dropped in on a spawning area and as a consequence there was a concentration of big fish. Our trip, last Sunday, seemed to demonstrate that these pike are now dispersing and moving away from our chosen section. I hope that, by moving some distance, I will put myself in with a chance of one last "double" before I get the pike gear away and seek out other angling challenges. Being Mother's Day means that my time will be limited - am I good enough to get one more?
To be perfectly honest, it really won't make any difference. Between us (Tom, Benno and myself) we have had a very successful season, taking some lovely pike from this superb fishery. We have worked hard and learnt a great deal as we faced up to the challenge of a 27 mile long pike swim! I'm still not sure what makes a good swim any better than a bad one - features, on one section, seem completely useless on another. Baits have been interesting, all of our fish coming to dead baits; the use of dyes and flavours allowing us to present "different" Mackerel, Herring, Bluey and Sardines, to those available at the local tackle shops and supermarkets. I already have the basis of a plan for the winter of 2013/14 - let's hope that the RMC pike remain receptive.

A very young Dylan with a small  pike from the Grand Union Canal - near Winkwell, Herts.
If only I'd realised where this obsession would lead?  Don't suppose anything would have changed - I'd still be a twat!
I'm on my own tomorrow - so will have to rely on a passing dog-walker if I am fortunate enough to land another decent fish. Photos might be a problem.

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