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Saturday 16 March 2013

Back door birding

With the weather doing its best to ruin the weekend (Aston Villa adding to my woes!) as a period to get out and about; even a trip to Westwood Cross was a dour affair with wind and rain dominating the proceedings. Asda was little better - although the packed supermarket ensured that Bev wanted to get away just a quickly as I did!

An adult Woodpigeon on the bird bath.
Song Thrush below the feeding station - a scarce garden bird in 2013
Our grand-daughter, Emily, had stayed overnight, so my morning was spent in and around the bungalow. I was able to watch the feeding station, from the comfort of the kitchen, looking through the double-glazed back door. I kept the EOS/ 1.4x converter & 170-500mm Sigma to hand and was able to enjoy some nice garden birds. Chaffinches (the vast majority being males) and Greenfinches were very noticeable, for the first time this year, but the chance to grab a few images of a Song Thrush was far more notable - this species being a very scarce bird locally. A Fieldfare has been hanging around the garden for nearly a week, so it was nice to be able to get a chance of a photo when it appeared at the far end of our garden, just beside the aviary.

This Fieldfare has been hanging around the garden for a week, or so, and is happy to feed at the far end of our lawn
if the rose-hips, of our hedge, are getting blasted from the prevailing wind and rain.

Male Greenfinch
The sunflower feeder was the attractor for the Greenfinches, as well as the local Great and Blue Tits. A Wren remained unseen, yet regularly vocal, and the garden hosted a minimum of 5 Dunnocks and 2 Robins, along with 3 Blackbirds and our three local pairs of Herring Gulls - all prospecting the rooftops. Johnathan and his mate, looking to nest behind our chimney?



Female Greenfinch

Male Chaffinch - in the rain

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