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Thursday 7 March 2013

One man, his wife, and their holidays

Blue Rock Thrush - I am still waiting for my chance to get "that" shot!
Having re-read my post of yesterday; I feel that there is plenty of additional material that might add value to understanding my views on foreign holidays and getting the maximum amount of learning from the experience. Yes; I am fully aware that others will see these situations in a completely different light, my response being "if it floats your boat!"
Visiting a country/venue for the first time is always capable of producing excitement - expectations are at fever pitch and, the chance of discovery, at the forefront of my thoughts.
Whenever Bev and I have ventured away from our Dumpton bungalow, we have a clear idea as too where we are going and what we expect to find. Hotels will be basic, but will always have a decent pool area (we wouldn't be going there otherwise) and the habitat in the immediate vicinity will be challenging, certainly different from my local Newland's Farm patch.

Crossing the Alps - a view from an Airbus 320 window, en route to Halkadiki.

Moustached Warbler - digiscoped in June 2007!
We have a very simple strategy: Bev needs nothing more than 12 hours, per day, UV abuse - I require an area which is able to be covered, on foot, so within a few 100 metres of our base. I am very lucky, my health is good, as is my fitness, so I have very few limitations (apart from dollars) as to what I can do. Turkey has provided some extreme fitness challenges, although Corfu had offered a few warning shots!
Singing male Eastern Olivaceous Warbler - Pefkohori, N.E. Greece

Queen of Spain's Fritillary - Halkadiki, NE Greece
I wander around the surrounding countryside, carrying cameras, binoculars and, at times, my telescope; equipment that is worth more than six months wages to the locals that I come into contact with. Dressed like a complete pauper - I have never found myself in a situation where violence is likely. Those locals with which I have interaction has been wonderful; my Greek/Turkish being woeful, so matching their English - universal sign language, and facial expression, being key to the mutual enjoyment of the encounter. I recall showing a Turkish farmer some photos, on the back of my EOS, of Alpine Swifts that were skimming the adjacent fields. It was a spontaneous encounter in which I gained an appreciation that other cultures find it difficult to comprehend people travelling to look at the birds (natural history in general) which they see every day! It is a lesson that many of us might gain insight from? Here we are worrying about the id of poxy beetle - these guys still have to work out if they've got enough food to get their families through the coming winter!

Owl Fly - Halkadiki, NE. Greece - stunning!

I still get a buzz from my trips to these, very familiar, destinations - the journey being as important as the venue?

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