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Friday 22 March 2013

Patch birding

The biting easterly that "blew" me to work, this morning had little to commend it as I struggled across the newly ploughed cauliflower fields. Thoughts of Wheatears being nothing more than folly - in such testing conditions. I arrived at Fujifilm SIS around 05.45hrs and was very surprised to see a large flock (40+) of Redwings headed northwards then astounded when a Woodlark flew south, calling frequently, just a couple of minutes later - a patch tick!
One of the pair of Collared Doves which deigned to visit our feeding station this afternoon!

Work was a relatively painless affair and I was back home by 13.15hrs. The aviary sorted and the garden feeding station replenished, I was able to spend much of the afternoon watching the action. I did have some distractions, as Emily was in my care whilst Bev and Debbie went shopping (with Harry)
Greenfinches on the sunflower heart feeder - local or migrants?

Chaffinches continue to grace the garden, although it is noticeable that the demographics have changed, there are now many females in the feeding groups. Greenfinches are still regular visitors to the sunflower heart feeder, possibly local breeders? A pair of Collared Doves joined the Feral Doves and Woodpigeon, feeding on the garden bird seed - the finches happy to peck around beneath the feeding station picking up the scraps (and scattered aviary sweepings)


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