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Thursday 21 February 2013

(So many) Reasons to be cheerful - part three!

Reasons to be cheerful - Mum & Dad
Mum's funeral was a surreal roller-coaster ride; the "God Squad" certainly know how to put on a show! I thank all those who attended for making it such a special occassion and a true testament to the impact she had on all those who knew her. It would take a very tallented "trick cyclist" (psychiatrist to those non cockney types) to get into my mind, at present. Things have happened, bridges built and burned, and so many other emotional away-days - I have to admit that I'm completely head-f*cked! I am forever grateful that I work for a company who are willing to accommodate the sick, the lame and the lazy, in such times - Gary, Steve,Chris, Ian, Claire and Phil Bow-wow; I thank you all for the understanding of my predicament.

Reasons to be cheerful - Simon doing battle with a Loch Awe pike; Benno - can in one hand, net in the other,
poised to leap into action -NOT!
Ian Dury wrote and performed the song, Reasons to be Cheerful - part three, with his band - the Block-heads. I only managed to see this act once, but better than missing out completely! Like Madness, Ian Dury basically produced nursery-rhymes - nothing thought provoking or worthy of student dissection - simply music for fun!

River Stour Chub of 3lbs 12oz - my Match Aeriel centrepin for comparison - Reason to be cheerful
I have been listening to this stuff whilst going back through long lost files on my hard-drive - Gerry Rafferty (If you get it wrong; you'll get it right next time) is giving it large at the moment! My cousin Jacqui asked me why I laid myself bare on my blog - "Why don't you restrict readership?" What's the point of writing if you don't want anyone to read it? Reading the nonsense I post is neither mandatory or tablets of stone - just one guys point of view in a global population of scrillions - exactly why the Internet was invented, for ordinary folk to share information and experiences. If this leaves me vulnerable, as an individual, I'll take the hit - writing the blog is my way of sharing my thoughts on the rights and wrongs of my world, however unworthy.

Reasons to be cheerful - simply looking at the creatures that share my world
My family are the bedrock of my existance, as a unit we can face any challenge, individually weak, we are able to draw on resources that many lack. Love and unity getting us through - religion has helped mum, us boys are less convinced; but see that there is comfort in belief.
Before she went mum told Simon that there was a chair set at the table for her - I really hope that this is for real - I'm not a member of the "God Squad" but find myself looking for a deeper insight into what it's all about? (This is not an open invite for the Jehovah's to come knocking - I'll find my own answers, in my own time)
The last two weeks has been the wierdest period of my entire life - I find myself at a cross-roads. As I quoted a few days ago "If you don't know where you're going - any road can lead you there!"

Bev - my beautiful wife, best friend and soul-mate. Reason to be eternally cheerful!

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