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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Simple pleasures

I can think of no better way to portray my present attitude towards birds and birding than this simple image. A Blue Tit on our sun-flower heart feeder; taken through the glass of our kitchen door.

As an angler I can go fishing and catch nothing - thus a blank day. As a birder; it is impossible to visit any open space and not record something (within a UK context) My desire to combine these two hobbies hasn't diluted the enjoyment - it simply allows me to see things from a different perspective.
A Blue Tit is such a familiar garden bird that the vast majority of the UK population could make a confident id - just how many could correctly colour in a black and white line drawing of this species?
Looking at the common species, who choose to inhabit my world, is what makes my life so complete - simple pleasures for a very simple soul.

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