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Sunday 10 February 2013

Plymouth - ho!

Bev and I have just got back from a superb week-end away. With so much serious stuff going on, we needed a break from the situation and decided to stick to plan that we'd arranged before the death of my mum. Knowing that dad would have plenty of visitors and support, close to hand, we travelled down to Bath to visit Bev's son, Darryl. A superb evening was enjoyed, eating out at The Firehouse Rotisserie (2, John Street, Bath BA1 2JL) - well recommended and very reasonably priced for such a venue.
The view from our hotel room - what a magnificent facade; they've even got a version of the London Eye!
This is the view looking inland, to the east?
Satisfied that her son was not living in squalor - his home is immaculate! We said our good-byes and travelled to Plymouth where we had arranged to meet our dear friends Robert and Jackie Chaffe (Gay Bob and his missus - the ones who live in Turkey; except they don't at the moment) It was just what the doctor ordered. We had a fantastic time, staying at The Quality Hotel in Plymouth Hoe. It has seen better times, but is perfectly adequate for a couple of ordinary souls from Thanet. Robert and Jackie pulled out all the stops and we had a wonderful time eating, drinking, chatting and generally enjoying each others company; the perfect antidote to the sombre reality of the impending funeral.

Birding was hard work, well it always is when you spend the majority of your time inside bars and bistros! I managed to record a few Common Buzzards, 1 Redshank, 1 Oystercatcher, Herring, Greater & Lesser Black-backed and Black - headed Gull, Wren, Magpie and Woodpigeon - some list. I wouldn't swap it for anything - Mr & Mrs Chaffe:- we thank you so very much.

The view, from the same window, yet slightly to the south? The Barbican and Plymouth Sound (Where the Pilgrim Fathers
made their departure for the Americas) are all part of a very special ambiance of this historic town

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