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Friday 15 September 2023

(More) Sun-downer success

 It had been exactly a fortnight since I last placed a baited rig in a fishery so I was determined to get out, this afternoon, no matter what the weather was doing. As it turns out, it was a lovely Autumn day with bright sunshine and a light Easterly breeze.  An Easterly isn't my favourite wind direction but, I won't catch anything sat indoors, so off I went across to see Kevin at Sandwich Coarse Fishery. I did a quick lap of Victory Lake, there being a few lads on, yet plenty of empty swims for me to choose from. 

My swim, today, being directly opposite the one I'd fished on 1st Sept.
The Lily-pad being thirteen sections of the "Bushwhacker" from this side of the venue.

A chat with Kev confirmed my swim choice and, having paid my ticket money,  off I went to get the kit set-up. Same old routine with my baited rigs being positioned via the use of my Nash "Bushwhacker" baiting pole. The only bite came just ninety minutes into the session and resulted in a lovely Mirror Carp of 24 lbs 4 oz gracing the landing net. 

I did experience some "occurrences" on the indicators after this capture but, feel sure that they were caused by a fish trailing line, not missed bites? Well pleased with this latest capture, I happily packed up and was on my way home by 18.30 hrs - job done!

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