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Tuesday 26 July 2022

Split cane doubles

 I spent a very enjoyable afternoon (12.30 - 17.30 hrs) fishing down at Brook Lake. Tactics were simplicity itself, free lined floating dog treats on a size 12 Guru barbless hook. The rod was my trusty B. James & Son, "Dick Walker" Mk IV Avon fitted with the Allcock's Match Aerial centrepin and 5 lbs b.s. line. A 5 litre bucket of mixed "Happy Shopper" dog and cat biscuits provided my freebies and it was all systems go. Due to a rather dramatic change of wind direction, mid session, I fished two swims at opposite ends of this, rather intimate, carp puddle. Both provided superb sport with these ravenous Carp and, because of my tackle choices, it was always going to be close range fishing. The furthest cast probably little more than five, or six, yards. I spent less than two hours in the first swim, landing four, losing a couple and getting a real lesson in bait presentation due to the silly number of missed bites. 

13 lbs 14 oz of surface caught Mirror

The second swim was even more testing. I had a real head scratching hour, missing numerous bites without any idea why? I played around with my bait presentation and, also, the rhythm of the introduction of free offerings. It seems that this second train of thought opened the door because just before 16.00 hrs I finally hooked my first Carp in the new swim. 16.20 hrs and I'm still playing this fish which stubbornly refused to be coaxed away from the lake bed. In my head it was by far the biggest fish I'd hooked in the venue and, had I lost it, would have been gutted. It was a further five minutes before I saw the culprit and a minute, or so, later drew my prize over the rim of the landing net. What the f*ck? A very long, and lean, Common which tipped the scales at 9 lbs 8 oz. 

After getting myself back together I quickly hooked another Common, of a similar stamp, which was in the net within a couple of minutes. Over the next hour I managed to land five more fish, including another nice Mirror of 13 lbs 12 oz. 

13 lbs 12 oz - peas in a pod!

An absolutely brilliant session and just what I needed. Nothing too testing, from an angling perspective, it provided a nice opportunity to spend time on the bank with zero expectations. Barbel soon?

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