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Wednesday 20 July 2022

Heatwave action

Monday had been bloody hot and with temperatures, on Tuesday, in excess of 37C being recorded around Thanet, any thoughts of pushing a loaded barrow over a mile, in each direction, just to attempt to catch a Barbel quickly disappeared as the day progressed. Now, don't get me wrong, under no circumstances am I moaning about the heat! I usually have to spend good money on airfares to experience weather like that, so being able to do so in/around the bungalow was a real treat. Obviously there is a far more serious side to the "climate change" debate but, due to politicians and big business, alike, completely in contempt of such scientific proof, there seems no way back?

So, if fishing was off the menu, the garden would have to provide my wildlife kicks. The moth trap is continuing to lure a good variety of species, whilst Hedgehog numbers appear to show a healthy population being present around our neighbourhood. It's not unusual to have four animals around the garden, at any one time, and six is my best count so far in 2022. I'd mentioned in the previous post that I had decided to fence off the MV in a bid to reduce the number of moths falling foul of my spikey visitors. It is now in position and seems to be doing the trick.

The fence is made from some old aviary netting and the rain guard nothing
more complicated than a Pyrex dish

Been some really nice moths on the egg trays, just lately, although it would appear the the Hawk-moth extravaganza might be coming to an end. Just one each of Eyed and Elephant last night but, it was great whilst it lasted. I happily admit that micro moths are certainly providing me with id challenges which, previously, I have shirked. It's a learning curve which I'm slowly embarking upon. There's no great rush as it is a journey of personal development, not a tick in a box exercise. 

Jersey Tigers

Garden Tiger

Female Oak Eggar

Swallow Prominent

The Barbel in The Stour aren't going anywhere and, fortunately, time is now on my side. I will get back down to the river shortly but, in the meanwhile, will continue to enjoy whatever comes my way via the 125w MV trap and the garden feeding stations. 

Straw Grass-veneer - Agriphila straminella

Pearl Grass-veneer - Catoptria pinella

Dark Bordered Pearl - Evergestis limbata

I like the Crambid group of moths, basically because they're reasonably straight forward id challenges and therefore, right up my street. Yet it's not all moths which are attracted to the light and this Long-winged Conehead was certainly a surprise this morning.

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