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Friday, 29 July 2022

More of the same

 Had another session down at Brook but, have decided that it will be my last for a while, because I need to focus on the project I'd set myself when joining C&DAA. Got a great phone call from Benno telling me that, at last, his broken bones are starting to heal and the doctors are confident that he'll be back to normal in the near future. I fished from 11.30 - 15.00 hrs, absolutely smashing it. Sixteen fish landed, including another three "doubles", seemed a fitting way to finish my time down there. 

I have subjected that split cane "Dick Walker" Mk IV Avon to some severe punishment, these recent sessions. It has proven more than capable of handling anything these Carp are able to offer. Might it, one day, be put to the test of a Stour Barbel? Although, to be fair, the real question has to be " will I be put to the test of another R. Stour Barbel?" There's only one way of finding an answer and I'm back down the river next week to resume the quest. The garden moth trapping continues to provide excellent opportunities for discovering new species of this fascinating group of insects. 

Hawthorn Slender - Parornix anglicella

A Hawthorn Slender is the latest addition to our garden list, yet surely must have been overlooked in the past? It was nice to see increased numbers of Silver Y's on the egg trays this morning as they are a sure sign that moth migration is taking place. To add gravitas, to this perception, a Green Sandpiper flew over whilst I was fishing today.  Autumn is upon us, despite the calendar saying otherwise!

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