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Saturday 9 July 2022

Everything comes...............??

 It was probably twenty years ago when I first set eyes upon the magnificent butterfly that is the Two-tailed Pasha. It was on Corfu, and I managed to obtain a photo of an individual, partly obscured, as it rested in the upper branches of a fruit tree. Ever since that initial attempt, it has been a massive desire to get a proper photo of this stunning insect. I have no idea how many times, in the interim, I've had the pleasure of watching this species on mainland Greece, Corfu and Kefalonia but that photo opportunity just never arose. 

The illustration in the Lloyd's Natural History 
Lepidoptera Vol 1 by  W. F. Kirby (1896)

That Craig, one of the "Kefalonia Gang of Six", now takes great pleasure in sending images he's found on the internet, just adds to the situation. Still, he needs to get out more? Can't be too much fun testing prototype Land Rover/Jaguars out in the desert wasteland of Dubai?

A typical image taken from our apartment balcony this June. Rotting figs providing the opportunity.

So I have to announce that finally I've got a photo of which I'm very happy. Not quite the situation I was expecting, but a case of make hay when the sun shines!

I was using a pheromone lure for clearwing moths, high up on the hillside which overlooks Agios Gordios. No joy with the target species but I'm more than happy to settle for second best when this turned up.


  1. Dyl, my wow! moment with a butterfly came with my first visit to New Zealand. Mine were Monarchs. Soaring about as numerous as our Cabbage Whites.

    1. Ric, I've never been south of the Equator, Florida Keys and Madeira being as good as I can claim. That the insect life in these locations is off the scale of what we're used to is an understatement of some magnitude. The recent Corfu holiday was to allow me to witness Painted Lady butterflies in their ten's of thousands - like a blizzard. What did I miss? Who cares? It was the experience that remains key to that moment being so special - All the best - Dyl