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Monday, 25 July 2022

An angler's blog?

My current blog visitor numbers are dismal, if the stats are what really matter? I've questioned, in previous posts, the relevance of "blogging" within the whirlpool of social media platforms yet had to conclude the written word still has a place, however limited, in the cyber community. With this, baseline, mentality I happily continue to post my spin on the world knowing that very few will ever read it and, as a result, I'll offend even fewer with my opinions. It's almost certainly an age related slant on the status quo of cyber demographics. 

With the blog now well into it's 10th year, I'm struggling to find stuff to write about which has anything remotely to do with Pike fishing! My own fault, entirely, because of that recent project on the RMC and all the success that went with it. Any new visitor won't be expecting garden moth trapping to provide the bulk of posts when looking at the blog title, that's for sure. Hey-ho! The inclusion of  "& observations" allows me to write about anything I encounter without a "trade descriptions" enquiry being required! Moths have played a huge role in my recent routine as I struggle to find enthusiasm for the Barbel challenge that I'd hoped would evolve as the new river season opened. Thankfully there is light at the end of the tunnel? My ham-string issues are now sorted and that nasty coughing has gone away with neither Bev or I ever testing positive for Covid. What was it? Don't know, or care, it's now in the past and we can move on. Benno is back at work, although still awaiting further medical procedures concerning his broken arm. It's probably been ten days since I last cast a line and the urge to get back to the waterside is growing with each passing day. 

About three weeks ago, whilst fishing on Brook Lake, I had a major catastrophe. I'd been playing a very powerful Carp for the best part of twenty minutes when the spool, on my ABU Cardinal 55, exploded. Needless to say, the Carp was lost and the reel rendered useless due the lack of a spare. Fear ye not, I hadn't lost a giant, just a very spirited fish which had little regard for the 5 lbs b.s. line or the split cane Mk IV Avon rod. It is at this juncture that I discovered the existence of a guy by the name of Les Shaw (click here for his website). Somewhere in Derbyshire he runs a business, from home, which caters for the whims of anglers such as myself. Could he supply replacement spools for ABU Cardinal 55's? You bet your life he could and not just any old spools. He can supply brand new, all metal versions, that are better than the originals made by ABU in Sweden during the 1980's. Certainly not cheap, I ordered two, so that I could pair up my Cardinal 55 with my Cardinal 155. Not much change out of £80, but every penny well spent in my opinion. The new spools are simply superb and incorporate a line clip which the originals didn't have. 

So I now have another pair of reels saved from an existence of gathering dust at the back of my tackle cupboard. Not too sure if they'll see much action until the Pike season, but that's a quandary I'll face up to when the need arises. I sent a thank-you email to Les and asked if he was able to supply replacement spools for ABU Cardinal 44 X's? His reply speaks volumes about the character of this man. "Yes" he could BUT, the spools had been produced for the Cardinal 44 model and were a tight fit on the axle of the 44X. Honesty in business is a very rare commodity, so this is why I've made such a fuss about the service Les provides. I might just get a short, afternoon, session in tomorrow but will certainly be back home in plenty of time for the Lionesses semi-final game. I was watching the Sweden v's Belgium game, at the New York Stadium in Rotherham, and was drawn to the advertising hoardings which stated "Women play football" - "Not Women's football". 

So after all that stuff, there's absolutely no way I can conclude this post without mention of the latest garden mothing exploits. Still no sign of an Orache, Dark Crimson Underwing or Splendid Brocade, such is life, but plenty to keep me entertained. Tree-lichen Beauty, Rush Veneer and Diamond-backs are a gimme, although never numerous. I've now recorded seven Jersey Tigers which seems to suggest that the garden plants are doing what they're supposed to, especially the Nicotiana? Best moth of last night was a Tawny-barred Angle, new for the garden, and a "lifer" to boot.


  1. Not fun when them Cardinal spools pop. Had two go when winding down into pike. Got them in from some distance by hand lining

    1. BB, it'd never happened to me previously, although I knew it was an issue. Absolutely gutted to lose that fish but, really pleased to be able to get replacement spools from Les. Hand lining? Not with 5 lbs b.s. line and a very angry Carp! Tight lines - Dyl

    2. Luckily it was Berkley Big Game 14lb bs..

  2. Well I'm still reading the blog Dyl. Personally speaking I'd only have enough in me to knock out a paragraph once per month. So your output is certainly appreciated from my side of things.