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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Monday, 31 May 2021

Not a lot

 There seems to be a common theme throughout "Blogland" at present. The format appears to have run its' course and those of us, aged, patrons are struggling for content worthy of sharing? Not that, for one minute, I think the "end is nigh!", just a need to re-assess what, as contributors, we want from our efforts? It seems that multiple factors have conspired to thwart any meaningful output from my perspective. I haven't caught anything worthy of mention and birds have been conspicuous by their absence around the Newlands area. Add to this an erratic weather pattern and, all of a sudden, eleven days have passed without a single post being made. 

I was fishing at my syndicate venue on the night of the full moon.
The camera saw far more action than the rods!

Bev and I are doing okay, life is pretty good and we're enjoying the freedoms that my retirement have allowed. If we fancy breakfast at Deal Pier, The Spitfire Museum or Capel-le-Ferne, we do it. A ride in the van, usually via a scenic route, and we're living the dream. A quick stop off at The Coach & Horses allowed us time to catch up with Mike, Penny & Nichola - it's been far too long! Yeah; life is good. We've been up to Yorkshire to visit Bev's best friend, Jane, and celebrate her God-son's baby's first birthday. My youngest brother, Sye, and his wife, Yve, have been down to Kent, looking for a potential new home, so it has been a great weekend of family interaction. It's still not normal, but the signs are certainly there.

I'm out in the garden, just after 08.00 hrs, this morning and managed to add two new species to my 2021 BWKm0 list.

No. 60 - Hobby

No. 61 - Red Kite - unbelievably late date for this annual Thanet migrant

I stayed outdoors until 15.00 hrs and was rewarded with some crazy raptor movement. I finished the session with two Hobby, two Kestrel, twenty-five Common Buzzard and a Red Kite! The Buzzard total was a slap-dash mix of singles until, at 13.30 hrs, a group of eighteen appeared drifting slowly north, causing absolute mayhem amongst the local Herring Gulls.

A crap image of an adult with a male House Sparrow

It seems crazy that Covid-19 has been catalyst for such a focus on local wildlife? I now am totally fascinated by the hedgehog activity around our garden,. That I can also feed and photograph them has taken the experience to another level. 

Garden visitors don't get much better than this?


  1. I agree re. blogland Dyl. I can rarely be bothered to post one more than monthly - what can I write about that I haven't written about already! A lot of people end up resorting to writing about their daily habits and meals etc.
    Pack all your activities in and enjoy them through these summery months because the winter can be a different ball game when retired and you're stuck indoors on endless wet and cold days.

    1. Hi Derek, cheers for your thoughts, the vast majority of which concur with my own. However, unlike your good self, I actually enjoy the colder months as they are synonymous with pike fishing at it's very best. If I do find myself stuck indoors I have no doubt that Bev will have no trouble finding me stuff to do? Really nice to hear from you, stay safe - Dyl

  2. Welcome back Dylan, Missed your blogs, happy all is well with you, Phil

    1. Thanks Phil. I didn't go missing as much as simply run out of stuff to blog about. With the hallo'ed 16th fast approaching I'm hopeful that things will improve? Hoping that you're over your Covid encounter? - Dylan

  3. I think all of your posts are 'meaningful' Dyl. We bloggers seem to think that if we cant get a scoop or write about something amazing we are finished but I hope thats not the case. I really enjoy your blog and those by Steve, Gav, Mark et al. Just seeing and reading what you chaps have been up to is interesting to me. Although we have never met, its like having an old fashioned pen pal with regular updates. When I speak to a neighbour, its just usually about some boring old tat, but that doesnt mean I wouldnt talk to them ? Keep up the good work in the sound knowledge that at least one person looks forward to all of your posts regardless of content.

    1. I would say that you're spot on with the assessment of the bloggers within our "little world". Each and every one of us has hit the wall at some time or other. Taking a break is perfectly normal if blogging is becoming a chore. What seems to happen to me is that I then can take a step back, recharge the batteries, before getting back in the groove. Thank you for the kind words and support. Take care and keep blogging - Dyl

  4. As you know Dyl, I've had very long spells where blogging has been difficult or impossible, but the last 18+ months have been amongst my most productive ever. I'm not sure why, but am happy to simply go with the flow.

    The year itself is cyclical, so why not blogging too? June is here, and if I wind up writing similar stuff to last June it won't bother me. Mind you, what NQS readers think about constant repetition I couldn't say! ๐Ÿ˜„

    Whatever you end up writing Dyl, I'll still read it. ๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ‘

    1. Gav, as always, the master of the understatement! You're blogging has been the bench mark to which most of us aspire. Well written and thought provoking at so many levels. I am, therefore, most grateful for your comment and support. On a slight tangent - has Steve hinted at the Wheatear Trophy heading your way for 2021?
      Stay safe, keep blogging and tight lines when you next cast a baited hook - Dyl

  5. Personally speaking I'm more than happy to read one or two blogs. I'd blog myself but first of all I have zero motivation to say or expound on anything. And whereas once I could write about anything that came to mind, nowadays I can scarcely write at all. When I try to write, it's just a slog lasting too long for nothing.
    Even this comment took me about 15 minutes to draft. I you catch my drift.

    1. Ric, you could write a blog as well as any of us. Your opinionated stance on many subjects have been aired via the comments facilities of many of the bloggers who are part of this little world. That you choose not to is entirely your choice and so be it.
      Worrying about how long it takes to create a post? Some of mine are the result of several days, on/off, sitting at the laptop attempting to muddle something together. Other times the post can be a spur of the minute creation which have, on occasion, caused me some grief.
      I trust that you and Bronwyn are keeping well? Sye is hoping to get his, belated, sixtieth birthday celebrated this July - I'll keep you posted - Dyl