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Thursday, 20 May 2021

This and that

 I'm not too sure how to explain my current mind-set? It's all very weird. Whatever the reality, I feel like I'm on holiday, still, I'm sure I'll get the hang of it as time passes? Retirement means that every day is a Sunday with the obvious down side - there's no double bubble in the pay packet any more. Back down the syndicate for another afternoon/evening session, yesterday, was quite an experience. One of my fellow members, Brendan, landed a superb Common Carp of 24 lbs 14 oz, whilst I had to content myself with bream - hey ho!

To say the weather was all over the place would be an understatement, it was crazy but did provide me with further opportunities to play around with the camera kit. I'm certainly finding it quite rewarding capturing images which convey the mood of the moment and, also, expand the scope of my photography whilst on the bank.

I was away from the fishery before 21.30 hrs, home by 21.50 hrs, so in plenty of time to get the hedgehog feeding station sorted. I've said many times, previously, how much of a privilege it is to have these wonderful creatures visiting our garden and how I'd still be completely unaware of the situation if the pandemic had not forced me into this "stay local" mentality. I hope that the thrill of watching these animals never ceases. So charismatic is their behaviour that I find myself staring at them, whenever they visit the feeding station, in  much the same manner as others do with fish tanks and/or open fires! It is not unusual to have four or five of them on the lawn at any one time, although very much socially distanced. The fun starts when they meet up at the feeding bowl. The noise and aggression has to be witnessed to be appreciated, they are really characterful individuals, size is not always the dominant factor in any altercation. 

Bev and I have experimented with various offerings during these past fourteen months and have to conclude that Tesco Kitten biscuits are the best offerings we've provided, as voted for by the feeding hedgehogs! However, we were in B&M's a couple of days ago and I purchased 400gms of Webbox "Hedgehog Food" for less than £2. I mixed it with the Tesco offering and have to say that the reaction was incredible. I'm certainly not sponsored by this mob and will reserve judgement on just how good the product is until it has been given sustained usage. The hedgehogs will have the final say when all said and done.

I nicked this image from Flea-bay - they'll get over it I'm sure?

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