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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Birding softens the blanks

Man; am I struggling with my angling attempts, at the moment, down on the syndicate venues? I can offer as many cliché' ridden excuses about unseasonal weather patterns and an inability to spend endless hours camping behind my baited rods. The bottom line is that I've not been good enough to solve the puzzle posed by these carp, as yet. Two roach, by design, and an accidental bream are the sum total of my returns for seven sessions spent thus far. Not that I'm about to start complaining, the venue is superb, nestling on  the northern edge of the Stour Valley flatlands with uninterrupted views across the surrounding marshes/farmland. However, what I feel is very important to highlight is the role that birds play whenever I'm outdoors, whatever the reason. If catching a carp was the sole purpose of my involvement with angling then, it stands to reason, that I'd be really pissed off with my results, thus far. Chuck in the Magenta 5 Bat Detector and tub of sweetcorn for the Wood Mice, then I'm having a good time simply by being there.

I showed Bev the sun-rise image I'd taken last week and explained how Steve Gale had opened my eyes to the concept of "big skies" with all that it entails. Until Steve's kick up the arse I'd obviously seen them just never looked properly - "never too old to learn"  I'd arranged to meet up with Gaz Ashby, on Wednesday afternoon, down at the syndicate to spend a few hours chilling out and chewing the fat about subjects many and varied. Torrential rain, however, ensured our plans were severely disrupted yet we still enjoyed the session and were able to watch for carp activity as the sun went down after the weather front had moved through. 

Four more species for the BWKm0 effort have been added recently

No. 56 - Common Whitethroat (28.04.2021) - male in sub-song

No. 57 - Swallow (04.05.2021) - two

No. 58 - Common Swift (06.05.2021) - one over west

No. 59 - Lesser Whitethroat (06.05.2021) - singing male

Quite how I've managed to get to May 6th without recording a Red Kite from the garden is a real mystery. With the weather remaining erratic, at best, who knows which species will make No. 60?

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