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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Just the way it is

 I've not seen a hedgehog at the garden feeding station, or anywhere else, since 12th January. This doesn't equate to there not being any hedgehog activity after that date, just that I haven't witnessed it. Quite obviously this recent spate of snow and ice, courtesy of Storm Darcy, will explain why every sensible hedgehog is, at present, laid up in some comfortable hibernation chamber. But things are a changing, the forecast predicting temperatures of 14C, here on Thanet, over this coming weekend! Question is "will it be enough to encourage a hedgehog, or two, to emerge from their hidey-holes and come visit the feeding station once again?" There's only one way to find out and, as such, the bowl of Tesco Kitten biscuits is back in situ tonight. It would be quite nice to have a garden record of these wonderful animals during every month of 2021 - let's see what happens? (See the end P.S. !)

I received notification, purely because of Bev's intervention, that I'll be getting my first "jab" on Saturday morning at 08.24 hrs!!! Bloody hell, how good is that? I'll readily admit to bemoaning the ineptitude of Bozo and his cabinet but, in this instance, have to acknowledge the incredible success of the vaccine roll-out. Credit, where credit's due, this is a world class demonstration of how to do it. I'm supposed to be working, on Saturday, so might (?) have to forfeit a couple of hundred quid but, if it means I can cuddle the grand-kids again, I'll willingly take the hit. 

There is a chink of light on a very distant horizon. Boris is expected to announce a "road map" out of Covid-19 restrictions on Monday 22nd February. What I need is a green light for a, "legal" return to the RMC and the chance to cast a bait in the direction of another "big" pike. If it's not forthcoming then I do have a fall back carp option, but sincerely hope it's not required. Important - Are you joking? 

Something else which isn't important, yet dominates factory life is a situation which beggars belief! Nothing to do with with Covid-19 or any such pressing issues. I put ink in bottles for a job. I screw up - no one dies, just a customer complaint, at the very worse. Those nurses fighting on the front line are faced with situations that are "life & death" - a bit of ink on a label! Get real!!! Because I'm still employed there are contractual restraints which prevent me telling the whole story - 2022, rest assured, it's gonna be out there, warts and all.

P.S. I'm just about ready for kip and this turns up at the feeding bowl - result !


  1. Well done on the Jab front Dyl.
    The enthusiasm to get us all dealt with seems to have gone into over drive. Proof that the UK can switch it's mind to a 'defensive war' footing if need be.

    Employment politics? I never saw this until a short spell working for McVities. That was my last work as an employee. August 2004. A few months after I left the place, their HR department sent me an email asking for my reasons for leaving. I gave them (reasons). Robustly.

    Actaully quite pround of my work on that one. These days i struggle to find the right words, miss speal all the time and generally lose my train of thought mid sentence. That Mic Vit job was one seamless hit typing. Talk about get iy off my chest.

    The above is a how i typed .

    I give up. I'm not messing about.

    1. The jab is a no-brainer for me and a the roll out has been a wonderful advert for what is great about Great Britain. Even better is the obvious benefit of being a sovereign state, opposed to member of the Federal Republic of Germany, oops; I mean the EU.
      As for employment politics? Water off a duck's back after forty-seven (almost) years of continuous employment. I've never worked for a bad company, just been unfortunate to have suffered bad management. My journey to Fujifilm SIS, via Kodak and Unilever, has been a brilliant adventure that has allowed me to hone my skills in factory floor etiquette and experience the wonderful camaraderie that exists between shop floor minions. You stumble across fuck-wits in all walks of life, factory management hierarchy is no different. I have absolutely no axe to grind about Fuji, or the time I've been fortunate to have spent there. Because of contractual restraints over social media use, I will keep my side of the bargain and stick within the rules. However, once I've retired, I'll have the freedom to recall quite a few experiences without fear of repercussions. Some of the mind-numbing bullshit & lies being pedalled by egotistic middle management is the stuff of soap opera, some of the other stuff takes it into the realms of pure fantasy. January 2022 ? I might have parted company before this date if things continue as they are at present.
      As always, cheers for the comment. all the best - Dyl

  2. Onwards and upwards. the vax programme is what happens when thing are done by NHS etc, not corporate schmoozers and pals. why not Track and Trace and PPE the same? it's the billions wasted that is so so wrong.

    1. In a nut-shell BB - the pandemic has raised corruption within the corridors of power to a new level - yet another pitiful display of elitism by the out of touch clowns who have their hands on the rudder