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Tuesday 9 February 2021

Icy blast

 As have so many other locations along the East coast, Thanet experienced some significant snowfall on Sunday. My walk up to the local shop, on that morning was accompanied by the joyous shrieks and screams of youngsters getting outside to have some fun. Snowballs, sledges and snowmen were at the centre of all this noise and I was delighted to hear kids letting off steam during these crazy times.

Bev and I had to make a snowman of our own after Jackie (and farmer John) posted a picture of one that they'd made. The powdery snow didn't lend itself to the task, thus a rather modest example was constructed but, bottom line, we do have a snowman!

BWKm0 No. 43 - Lapwing. Three birds flew north just after 08.40 hrs on Monday.

The only other observation, of any note, was the reappearance of the ringed male Greenfinch accompanying a group of Goldfinches at the feeders on Sunday afternoon. 


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    1. Not much more than a fine dusting down here, today, although the temperature remained below zero and driving conditions are ridiculous. We still have a weather warning in place, but exact details are unknown? Basically, it's better to look out the window than at the BBC forecast!
      Good to see you're on the mend - take care & stay safe - Dylan