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Saturday 27 February 2021

Blanking with aplomb!

This past two day I've thoroughly enjoyed two, totally bite less, sessions out on the flatlands. It's been stated many times before, "there's more to fishing than catching another fish" Under the current circumstances, I was just happy to be away from the nonsense surrounding my outburst at work. I was out there targeting tench, although airing on the side of caution, using kit which would cope with a carp should I be lucky enough to get a bite. Yesterday I'd used the Duncan Kays, today it was the turn of the, split cane, Dick Walker Mk IV's. I've until March 14th to catch a fish, any fish, from the drains before the traditional "close season" kicks in. Two days holiday entitlement, carried over from 2020, has to be taken before the end of March, so I'll keep an eye on the weather and use them accordingly.

Out on the marsh as darkness fell, it was an incredible sight to behold as the moon rose out of the eastern horizon. It was orange!! My camera kit, or more correctly my inability, didn't do the event full justice, but there is enough detail to warrant sharing a couple of images.

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  1. Yes Dyl, reminds me to get out before the season ends. Brother Phil has been out and has caught the first Chub he's had since taking up fishing again after forty years. Back then his biggest Chub was a three pounder. First two fish, this time around produced a 5:12 and a 6:10!

    Something else connected to these captures. He's just joined a club that has an open membership on a river, but an indefinite waiting list job on a lake that's full of giant carp. While he was fishing, his bored other half took on some 'gardening' work on the fishery. Subsequently; and using my professional machinery, they ended up doing a massive work party job over a couple of weekends and so impressed was the club committee, that they offered them 'lake' membership as of immediate effect.

    Well, he might take them up on the offer but his other half said she doesn't even fish, she'd rather stick to the gardening. News that the committee are thinking of having a statue made of her is just a rumour.