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Wednesday 16 October 2019

Three in four days - blanks that is!

My third session, in four days, out on the marsh resulted in another total blank, not a sniff! The weather forecast couldn't have been more wrong if they'd predicted a tornado or three feet of snow! A dull grey sunset, with rain, clearing by 23.00 hrs, that'll do for me - so off I went in search of a wild carp. The first surprise was a Mink swimming across my chosen drain, the first I've seen out here in eight years! Second was the ever clearing sky as the light fell away, leaving a star studded, ebony sky until the "Hunter's Moon" rose from the eastern horizon, passing through some low cloud out over the Channel, creating a weird half-light over the marshland. I pratted about with the EOS 400d, attempting to get some atmospheric images, but only had the 18 - 55 mm lens so struggled big time. Once it had cleared the low lying clouds, the rising moon caused temperatures to drop like a stone with the resultant heavy dew soaking everything, me included.

This rather strange image is the result of a 5 sec exposure with the camera mounted on a tripod.
A technique well outside of my usual photographic boundaries.
A Barn Owl floated past and the occasional fish signalled its' presence by rolling, noisily, upon the flat calm surface of the drain; a two fingered salute from the angling gods? I should have packed up there and then but, knowing that this would be my only opportunity this week, stubbornly hung it out until 22.00 hrs. More bait in the swim before I left, I will go back out to introduce further freebies on Thursday with the plan to return with the rods on Saturday. This might all change dependant upon the weather.

The heaviest so far Certainly not the best looking!
I'm sure that my luck will change and another wild carp will succumb to my baiting strategy. Over the years this system has provided me with some fabulous fish and I remain hopeful that one more will grace my net before the changing seasons dictate I  return to the serious business of chasing big perch.

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