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Sunday, 7 July 2019

Rock/hard place and sad news

I nicked this from the BBC News page - Getty Images own the copyright. Hope they don't mind?
God only knows how I've tried to steer clear of airing my thoughts on the lunacy surrounding the Conservative Party leadership nonsense and, as such, the subsequent incumbent of No. 10 - our new Prime Minister! I wouldn't trust either of them as far as I could throw them - they are politicians, thus liars for a living. Boris is a clown, couldn't even cut it with Deayton, Hislop & Merton during the "Have I got news for you" period and is now much akin to the fake tanned buffoon from across the pond, except Bozo doesn't do the orange spray! The other deluded wannabe is equally out of touch; I know what'll swing it my way, let's allow a free vote on fox hunting! You what? We're on the precipice of a democratic catastrophe, so a vote on hunting with dogs will change all that! What a fucking twat. Yes, the Conservative party members might be swayed - the UK electorate are totally opposed to the idea, thus another manifestation of the blinkered world in which politicians orbit.
Theresa May couldn't have done any more, mainly thanks to the idiotic, party political, stance from Corbyn and his associates. Brexit never was, and never will be, about party politics, it's about national identity and our right to define our own rules and sovereignty. Quite why these two goons think that they will be able to achieve something which, previously, has been impossible is to be seen. History will judge them accordingly, but let's hope that Corbyn, and gigantic ego, also receives his comeuppance? Party politics had no place in such an historic period of change, therefore it requires a united parliament, fully supportive of the negotiating team, to go to Brussels and sort a deal which delivers a sustainable way forward. At present, we've got more chance of getting struck by lightning, whilst walking a tightrope across Niagara Falls!
Shambolic, dysfunctional, chaotic? If you can think of any other word for screwed up, it will be equally descriptive of our present political situation. The UK, it would seem, is like a ship without a skipper, but we've lost the rudder as well. In times of trouble the UK has demonstrated an ability to throw up characters who have the leadership qualities which transcend the mundane and able to refocus the nation. Sadly, in 2019, I fear we have such a requirement again - just who will pick up the baton? The only personality on offer is Nigel Farage and, even though I voted for him, he's definitely not going to be our savior, just catalyst for change maybe?

The camera never lies - except when you use digital? Sunrise out on the flatlands this morning.
Out on the flatlands, again, this morning - same result! "If you're not catching then you're learning" is a phrase that Tom Lane used in an email the other day. I'd love to say it were true, but I've found myself in a rut. Only this morning, whilst watching the sun rise and playing with the camera kit, did I start to think through my strategy and what I'd achieved. Soul searching at this level is quite a painful process, especially when you realize that you've made a fundamental error of judgement. School boy stuff, not rocket science! Location, location, location - what have I been doing? Fishing to a feature, not to fish. I'm getting on for sixty hours now, just one fish for my efforts, time for a serious rethink. I've made a few changes already and prepped three new swims before I came home, fish being seen in all of them before the bait went in. Back out again this evening, so hopefully I will see a change in my fortunes?

Finally, on arriving home, I clicked the BBC News pages, as is my habit, to learn of the passing of Tanya Jones, the wife of Vinnie. Although not a mate, Vinnie and I have crossed paths on many occasions during our lives. He was a resident of Nicholl's Farm when I worked for Brooke Bond at their Redbourn Factory and many an hour was spent in the Bell PH after a days' beating at Chalkdell, a game of darts and much banter. He attended my brother, Tim's, 40 th birthday party, we spent a Christmas Day's morning in the company of Johnie Gardner, supping Champagne in Boxmoor. He and Tanya attended Baz Baron's birthday celebration in a hotel outside Dunstable, the first time Bev was to meet him. They were a lovely, ordinary, couple and we send our heartfelt condolences at this difficult time for him and the family. Stay strong buddy!


  1. Well what a bloody good post, thoroughly enjoyed that.

    1. Cheers for that mate, blogging is becoming ever more of a struggle as I try to find something worthy to say. There is only so much to write about not catching fish and watching the sun rise?
      Hoping all is well out on deepest Sheppey - Dyl

  2. Dyl, I think the Brexit vote was an opportunity to test whether or not our politicians really do what we ask of them.

    And the MP's revealed; albeit reluctantly, what we have suspected for years, that they really do what suits them alone.

    Trouble is, the system is set up to keep these elements in place. If it wasn't one of them it'd be another.