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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Even the gulls are bored

The drudge of normality is ever present as Bev and I learn to adapt to the massive upheaval as a result of her Mum moving in with us. Bev is an absolute star, coping as she does. At least I have the escape of work to give me a break, she's on call 24/7! It can, therefore, be no great surprise that my fishing project has taken a major hit and is now, once again, in the slow lane and well down any list of priorities I might have.  Don't get me wrong, life is still very good and getting better as our financial security is becoming more clear due to the assistance of a certain Peter Harris. Once the details of my Kodak pension fund have been clarified, Easy Street here I come should I so choose?
In the mean while, I am very limited in my free time and seem to spend much of it in, and/or around, the back garden. We've reached the stage where completion of the bungalow refurb project is very much on the horizon. The replacement of the conservatory and laying a new lawn will see us finished - before Christmas is our target, so not particularly rushed. Finances, not time, are the limiting factor at present, although just a temporary glitch in the bigger picture.

The second brood of Robins have recently left their flowerpot nest, just beside the aviary, and are starting to explore the surroundings. I managed to grab a couple of shots as one of them visited the feeding station in our neighbours garden. The adult Herring Gulls are still tending to the youngsters, although they are now on the wing and wandering further afield, so any food waste is soon cleared when thrown out onto the lawn. Natural recycling is how I see it - others view it very differently? Feed the birds or don't feed the birds? How is it OK to put out peanuts for Blue Tits but not OK when gulls are involved? My brother, Simon, has it even more defined - he's not allowed to feed the, re-introduced, Red Kites in his Buckinghamshire garden! On the other hand, Herring Gulls; The Isle of Thanet - the clue's in the title - these birds are here because this is where they live. Seagulls - an island - where's the problem? It's quite bizarre how emotions are aroused when the subject of feeding gulls is on the agenda. To my way of thinking they are just as welcome as any other species. So it was one of the resident birds, standing on the garden fence, which provided the inspiration for this blog post. I'd picked up the camera, just because it was there and the sun shining brightly. What I hadn't foreseen was the demonstration of boredom I was to witness. Up close these birds are very impressive and this individual could be a candidate to replace Jonathan? Time will tell.

I managed to get out with the kit for a couple of hours, this evening, over at Homersham. My tenth double of the campaign was my very first fish, so quite pleased with the outcome. Mick Jones, the bailiff, did the honours with the camera - hence the square image - cheers Mick! Have no idea when I'll get out again? But life goes on.


  1. The gull was probably just testing to see if he could get that fish in it's mouth.

  2. That bastion of newsworthy excellence, The Daily Star, had a very similar image of a Herring Gull with a headline suggesting it was psychotic and had flown off with a pet dog! Living on the coast, they are part and parcel of daily life - I love 'em! Fascinating birds well worth spending time with, just as any other species I guess. Thanks for the comment - all the best - Dyl