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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Scamping in the rain

The morning after the night before - and so it is with the heat wave nonsense. Pissing down with rain for over 24 hrs, what's going on with our summers? Catching carp off the top - is there any better way? A short, after dinner session, despite the rain, was just what the doctor ordered! Twenty-one fish landed in little over four hours, three doubles, so absolutely nothing to moan about. Homersham must be the easiest carp fishery in Kent, the UK, the world? If you can't catch here then take up golf, fishing obviously a skill which is beyond you.

I really enjoyed my time, getting drenched, yet hooking these ridiculously easy carp at very regular intervals during my visit. Fairly even mix between mirrors and commons, yet it was a very pleasant surprise when I slipped the net under this "Fan-tailed" common - probably 3 lbs at a push!

Added to the variety for the session.

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