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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

33.6 million v's 160,000 - We've now got a clown for PM

Well it's happened, the Conservative Party have elected an inept clown to be our new Prime Minister. In reality it wouldn't have made the slightest difference which of the two candidates won - neither are worthy of such a position! The Brexit referendum resulted in a turnout of 33.6 million voters. A very simple two horse race; first past the post wins? The result, of that exercise, is without question, one of the biggest demonstrations of democracy ever witnessed within the UK. The conduct of our political elite, ever since, has been shambolic, at best? That it has ended up with a complete clown at the helm is demonstration, if one were required, of how totally fucked up we currently are. That our new PM has been chosen by such a minority just highlights the massive flaws that exist within our current system. The Conservative party only has 160,000 members and 92,300 (ish) voted for BOZO - that's less than 0.13% of the UK electorate; yet within current legislation, he's the new head of Parliament. Very weird, when well over 50% of the electorate voted for leave, yet it still hasn't happened? And, despite his rhetoric, Boris has no more chance than Mrs May of delivering the wishes of the majority. The self serving political hierarchy will continue to impose their will upon the population, only choosing democracy when  the results coincide with their view of how things should pan out!
The Climate Change demonstrations might be a wake up call - if we don't get Brexit then the shit will really hit the fan!


  1. A hasty judgement Dylan, Boris might surprise us all - he can't achieve any worse than the last three years, can he, and he might at least put some fun back into politics. I will enjoy PMQ's every Weds lunch time now, if as hoped, he ties up Corbyn with his quotes and comments.

    1. Fun and politics? Very difficult for me to fit both words into a single sentence. My judgement is personal, as it must be, but based upon the well documented career that Boris has carved out. Ever since his appearances on "Have I got news for You" nothing he has achieved or said has changed my perception of him being an inept goon. Will he cut it in the dispatch box when fronting up the egotistical idiot on the opposition benches - time will tell. Sadly time is a commodity that is increasingly rare as we rapidly approach Oct 31st. Boris, I fear, will fail before he gets a chance to start - the mathematics of parliament just don't add up for him to be able to make any significant difference. I'll happily concede that I got it wrong should he achieve the impossible - but not until he's delivered the end result will I admit it! In the mean time, my opinion remains that the guy is a deluded clown - more use in a circus than parliament!

  2. Dyl, That's the political system. It's designed to maintain a barrier between those who are really pulling the strings, and the general population.

    Those pulling the strings filter out people (politicians) to do their bidding via an in house selection/election process, which ensures only a few people make the decisions - as you have observed.

    I read an article once where the guy in charge said, 'You can elect who you like, so long as I get to choose the candidates'.

    The masses don't have a say in the matter. I've think I've already mentioned this before, the Brexit business has turned out to be a test of whether or not our leaders do as we ask.

    The fact we are still in the EU, proves beyond doubt that they don't.

    1. Ric,
      We're singing from the same hymn sheet mate.
      Hoping all is well with you and yours - Dyl

  3. Elo Dyl, I agree with your sentiments regarding our wonderful democracy Boris is a clown. Perhaps that’s just what our country needs? For me, democracy has died since the Brexit saga.
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