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Monday 20 March 2017

The mark (IV) of 1959

I managed to get out for a few hours, Saturday afternoon, with my "matched" pair of split cane Mk IV's. It was more a "because I can" session rather than any need to catch a fish, although a bent rod is always the purpose for being at any fishery. I wanted to get a photo of the two rods and fate certainly played a part as a carp rolled over my bait as I pressed the shutter release.

Benno, Luke and I are all focused on the project ahead. Our desire to continue to test ourselves, within the very restrictive confines of our chosen venue, being central to this challenge. We have an idea of the techniques/tactics we need to employ in order to give us our best chance of success, although quite what success looks like has a very individual definition! In all honesty, Luke has still to catch a carp from this fishery, so a bite would be a result for him. Benno & I have taken fish from the venue; my first split cane twenty was one of them, thus our expectations are very much shaped by these previous experiences?

A "ghostie" Common - the best test of my kit, thus far.
Absolutely nailed - it had a right tear up.
Benno took a stroll along the banks, yesterday, but didn't manage to spot anything "carpy" - apart from a guy chucking boillies into the venue from a bridge - how subtle is that?
Seriously, we know we are not the only anglers who are targeting the carp in this venue; so will need to be at our best if we are to have any chance of being successful. Any fool can chuck a boily into a fishery, thankfully it doesn't make them a carp angler! (Doesn't even make them an angler - come to think of it!)

As much as I have striven to avoid using modern baits on my split canes, it seems that I have no alternative if I am to have any chance of achieving this target. Chick peas are fantastic, but won't cut it when up against some of these modern concoctions. Of course I might strike it lucky once in a while using my particle approach, but realize that to remain in with any realistic chance of success, I have to compete with the baiting strategies of the other anglers and hope that my watercraft, allied with fish location, provides me with the edge I require. If I achieve my goal, then there will be nothing to stop me experimenting with an alternative approach to see what else is achievable. Let's get that thirty first before starting to play games!
Rig mechanics and tank testing are very much part of my angling routine; this project more than most, seeing me tweaking various aspects of presentation as I seek understanding of some of the finer aspects of modern carp rig technology. I don't think I've ever been better prepared for an angling challenge than I am now? Only the passing of time will reveal how true this is - roll on April!

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