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Friday 3 March 2017

Scamping with purpose

Another morning session planned for tomorrow at the new club water, the larger one. Weather is due to be mild, but wet and I have a couple of rigs that I need to try out before starting out on the trail of a "split cane thirty". A venue full of scamps is just the place to attempt such trials. I should get a few chances and be able to tweak accordingly, as the experiments advance. The last thing I need to be doing is playing around with rig mechanics when the next bite might be from the fish that I so desire!
April will soon be here and, with it, a change of venue and target. What I learn over the next four weeks has to be put into practice with full confidence. I am not going after a thirty with "I think it might work?" anywhere in the equation.
I have a slight variation of the "stiff hinged rig" which I am particularly drawn to. It is a very simple variation, based upon a far more complex set-up. I have already had a fish on it, but want to experiment further before making any decisions upon its' effectiveness. Club rules have meant that I am restricted in what I can offer as hook baits, water temperatures ensuring that my favoured particle approach is a non starter. Rigs, however, will still perform (or not) whatever bait choice. It is down to my watercraft and bait presentation as to whether or not I am successful in this quest for knowledge. When viewed in this perspective, even a blank will have taught me something?
I am no fan of fishing from under the cover of an umbrella, yet tomorrow has to be thus. I am getting over a prolonged chest infection and the last thing I require is to get a drenching in the name of my hobby. Bev asked "why bother going?"  My response - "I haven't had a day off work, so I ain't missing a morning's fishing!"

12 mm "Robin Red" pellet with an IB Maize pop-up. It is clear that the fish in this venue get
a lot of stick, simply by looking at the state of their mouths. This one is nailed! I am hoping to
get some more detailed shots of the hook holds which might assist my understanding of the rig effectiveness in
an angling situation.
I feel that there will be an afternoon of tank testing, should I get a few fish. I am taking the extension tubes with me, to hopefully record detail of the hook holds I manage. Interesting times ahead; are these to be the lessons which provide the learning experiences which lead to that ultimate prize? Acorns and Oak Trees - you know the score!

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