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Wednesday 8 March 2017

School boy error and other stuff

Life is good in downtown Dumpton, I'm now in my eighth consecutive week of late-shifts. You can only imagine the "Brownie Points" I've got in the bag; my supervisors owe me big time, and that's a nice place to be when I next need a favour. However, my angling has been very hit and miss. Last weekend, that master plan of testing a few rigs fell by the wayside due to my own incompetence. I am not a match angler, thus didn't look at the match fixture list before driving over to the fishery. I had been there less than two hours when the match secretary appeared and delivered his "haven't you read your membership card match dates?" - I relocated to the other venue, but my heart wasn't in it and I wasted my morning as a consequence.

My Sunday "scamp" - I didn't learn anything new, my heart wasn't in it after the events of Saturday!
I did manage to get back on Sunday afternoon and caught a fish, but it was all very half-hearted. Barry Reed, the Editor of Freshwater Informer, had been in contact, ref the April edition, and asked for some more material so I have been attempting to get stuff sorted before deadline day. I'm fairly sure that I've done as much as is required, but need confirmation before I can rest easy.
The Spring migration is starting to pick up around Newlands, the first decent Buzzard movement was on Monday. I counted seven individuals, but the gull behavior suggested there had been many more. Chaffinches have also started to make their presence known, several small groups passing along the Vine Close gardens so a Spring Brambling must surely be a possibility?

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