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Saturday 4 February 2017

New venues

I paid my dough, first thing this morning, and now have access to two new waters that I have never previously fished. It was Benno and Luke who sparked the interest with tales of 3 lbs Perch so, with this as one of my 2017 targets, it wasn't that difficult a decision to make - I'd join the controlling club.

My first choice of swim. That overhanging tree, to the right, absolutely screamed perch!
Both of the venues are well off the beaten track and very pleasant. Each has its' own vibe, but they are very modest in size and allow me to use short range tactics where watercraft will be as important as bait presentation. I took a drive over to the larger venue, this afternoon, and spent my first session fishing with prawns and lob-worms. I hadn't had the bait in the water more than fifteen minutes when the alarm sounded and the indicator smashed up to the butt ring. Not quite what I was hoping for; a scamp common/F1 type Carp gave me the right run around before succumbing to the power of split cane and a 3 lbs b.s. hook link!

I'm fairly sure that this strain of carp is called an F1 ?
If it had been a perch I would have weighed it!
I kept the bait trickling in and, around 15.30 hrs, I had a lovely slow pull on the prawns which resulted in my first perch from this fishery. A chunky little fish of 1 lb 7 oz, although quite anemic due to the cloudy/muddy water. I fished through until dark, missing an absolute sitter just as I was getting packed away - such is life!

A rather washed out looking fish, but it's a start!
Two more birds added to my year list, whilst I was sat by the waterside, Yellowhammer and Green Sandpiper. 80 up - get in there!

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