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Sunday 19 February 2017

February tinca

I managed to get out for a couple of sessions over the weekend. Saturday morning was spent with Benno, Luke and Bryn, trying to get some stuff together for the "Freshwater Informer" gig. Bryn was on sparkling form and caught a couple of fish for the cameras. I, however, blanked - so nothing new there then? I'm not totally convinced that these club waters actually contain the perch I'm after. However, I was back down, this evening, for a short, into darkness, session and have to say that it was really enjoyable.
The photo is a little confusing - I am fishing my baits tight against that wall on the left. The metal scaffold
poles, poking out, being my swim markers.
Bait choice was prawn and lob-worm, so fairly standard fare for perch fishing. I missed two absolute sitters on the worm - I don't know how! Prawns were to provide my salvation in the shape of a "snotty" little bream and a rather angry male tench. I can't recall ever catching a tench in February, so it was quite something. The bite was a screamer, so never going to be a perch, but I put a healthy curve into the Mk IV before it was ready for netting. There is something rather therapeutic about fishing alone into the darkness. My mind was full of ideas, my ears tuned in to the sound of the roosting birds. Cetti's Warbler behind me, a Green Sandpiper high overhead, there were flocks of Fieldfares dropping in to roost, a couple of Grey Heron, a Common Buzzard and so much more. Bite alarms were set to minimum volume, yet they sounded outrageously loud in the stillness of the night air.

A small male tench - probably 3 lbs.
Not what I was after, but enjoyable all the same!
Another week of lates, so there's a fair chance that I'll be able to squeeze in a morning visit, before next weekend. I will only be able to learn these new venues by spending time on the bank.

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