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Saturday 11 February 2017

Getting better

It's been a bit of a weird one. I had another session at the local club fishery, catching the heaviest perch to date - 1 lb 10 oz - yet nothing made much sense? The weather was, at best, crap - sleet and a brisk NE breeze. I was back in my original swim for 13.15 hrs, a bite on my left hand rod just 45 minutes later. It was the only action I was to see, despite remaining at the venue till 18.00 hrs.

I have no reason to doubt my tactics, ie. - I'm fishing with prawns as hook baits. It's perch I'm after and this bait has proven to be the downfall of many decent specimens in the recent past. Snow melt water will have done nothing to improve my chances but, as it was my only opportunity this weekend, so I had to go for it?

The bite, when it came, was a classic slow pull on the indicator - I originally thought I'd hooked an F1 hybrid, such was the tenacity of the fight. There are a number of niggling issues with this club fishing scenario - I'll adapt my stance as I become more familiar with the club vibe?

This little chap provided more entertainment than the perch - that's for sure!

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