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Friday 17 February 2017

Arrogance has no shame

Tony Blair should be in prison - serving time as a convicted war criminal. But no, instead this deluded, arrogant, toss pot is now offering his spin on "Brexit" and why the minority should rise up and reject the will of the people! More people voted out than ever voted for him, or his party, when he was Prime Minister.

Tony Blair speaking in central London


  1. No problem with your first sentence. But at least when he won elections the losers were never told to put up and shut up! Freedom to oppose democracy!

    1. John, your final four words don't quite do it. Whilst I am all for the freedoms which democracy allows, including the right to an alternative opinion - under no circumstances it acceptable to oppose the very thing on which our country is based - DEMOCRACY!
      Many thanks for taking the trouble to pass comment - Dyl

  2. Arrogant is the word Dyl.
    It's his type which engineered the political landscape saying that whatever he did was best for us and the country, while really it was best for him and those like him.
    When PM he was always grizzling that everyone he was friends with had become multi millionaires while he was stuck on PM pay. The S.o.a.b has made up for this since. Quite clear that becoming PM was just a stepping stone to riches. Some socialist.

    1. That's not a socialist - it's "New Labour" anti-socialism. I'm alright jack, pull up the ladder!