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Friday 27 January 2017

Prep work

It looks like the split cane Mk IV's will be getting an outing this weekend? I took a drive out onto The Levels this morning and checked out a couple of drains that might provide the chance of a pike, or two? One, that I particularly favoured, is frozen solid but, a second venue is not. Given the forecast for East Kent, I am confident of getting a bait in the water tomorrow.

I had a cracking morning, out on the marsh, getting several more year ticks as I strolled about the area. My year list has reached the grand total of 69 species - all self found; and that's rather important to me. I'd taken my camera, because I felt sure that Stonechat would be a good bet. I didn't find one yet still had plenty of other subjects to point the long lens at. All in all, a very productive morning.

Gadwall, Reed Bunting and Raven were all new for the year.

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