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An individual, of no great importance, who is unable to see the natural world as a place for competition. I catch fish, watch birds, derive immense pleasure from simply looking at butterflies, moths, bumble-bees, etc - without the need for rules! I am Dylan and this is my blog - if my opinions offend? Don't bother logging on again - simple!


Friday 20 January 2017

A Newlands armchair tick - get a life!

Blogland is awash with the news that the BOU (British Ornithological Union) has now decided to adopt the IOC (don't know or care) taxonomic species listings in an attempt at standardizing/unification. The Globalization of birding, exactly what science, not UK birders, want. World domination is the next stop? Those white coated lab rats will now be singing from the same hymn sheet - hip. hip, hooray! The implications for me are absolutely zilch - I care not a jot for any authority when it relates to"official recording" of our natural world. In my opinion, and only my opinion, it belittles everything I hold dear - the wonder, mystery and enjoyment of the creatures which co-habit the world in which I live. Humanity doesn't need to put a label on everything, yet seems hell bent on doing so. I recognize the requirement to understand our environment and the eco-systems which deliver the life supporting conditions under which Earth has evolved to where we're at now. It's a truly magical concept, way beyond our ancestors, so that's why they invented God! They didn't have DNA analysis - we now have. Evolution is, by definition, a never ending process, so what makes a race today might well constitute a species tomorrow?
How does any of this stuff manifest itself, as important in, our daily lives, the real world? We've just seen Donald Duck Trump sworn in as the President of the United States of America, humanity doesn't have much left to offer mother Earth, so what we do by way of maintaining data integrity will go to the wall as mankind continues to hit the self destruct button. Cheer up you long-haired twat! It's only birding - a game. Remember this, because it is very important, bird-watching is a recreational pastime, not a sport. The requirement for rules are null and void if watching birds is what you choose to do. If, however, competition is what you seek - (fuck off and play football) -  join in with the adrenaline junkies and take up twitching or, seek a more sedate route provided by the patch watch challenge scenario. None of this is important beyond personal satisfaction and fulfillment - every individual has that right to choose whatever course they like through life. If turning a simple hobby into a competition is where you derive maximum reward, away you go, along with many kindred spirits.

One of my patch highlights - this individual tagged along with the farmyard flock
for several weeks in early 2004

It could easily be that I'm the only one in the gang? I'm the odd man out, because I don't get it? It's not a situation that causes me any anguish - I'm very much my own man and happy in my own company. If this latest BOU decision is to be taken seriously, then Newlands Farm will have Taiga and Tundra Bean Geese on the list! My problem with all this highbrow nonsense is they already are!
My lists - I'll include whatever I like, I don't require a judge and jury (or a twat in a lab coat) to confirm that I enjoy watching birds!

I'd flushed a "Taiga" Bean Goose at Newlands as I walked to work in January 2008. It flew from
some stubble down towards St. Luke's, where Gadget was also to enjoy some time with this very
desirable patch denizen.


  1. Dyl, I see this competitive element in birding, I see it in fishing. Both are recreational but some people turn it into pure competition.
    The other day I was given a fishing mag. Pike and Predator. I haven't read the press for over 25 years but was staggered to see the same names appear. Lo and behold, there was one Neville Ficking and; I could hardly believe it, a list of big Pike and who caught what and how many.
    Clearly it matters so much to this guy, he has to keep tabs on everyone else.
    In birding there's a fellow who does exactly the same. Shares his name with a comedian.
    So sad, it's a joke.

    1. Richie, these two saddos are just the tip of the iceberg, although both have to be admired for never wavering from their obsessive disorder. That which manifests itself in this very public display of wanting to be the dominant player in their chosen games. I've been on first name terms with both these clowns, neither has ever done me any harm or caused me any problems. LGRE can often be encountered around the banks of Wilstone - he lives not far away from Sye. The last time I was with Eddie Turner, it didn't take long for Neville's name to appear in the conversation. He really is the laughing stock that his sorry list keeping reflects. We're better off well away from any of this nonsense. Luckily for the majority of us - age has the desired effect? Take care mate - Dyl

  2. Dyl, it's definitely the 'keeping tabs on other people's lists' aspect which draws my attention.
    As for the energy put into their chosen fields, I really have no idea where they get it from. That part really does impress me. I couldn't even start. I feel tired just thinking about it.