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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Thoughts about this and that

With one or two exceptions, it is usually a post about angling, or my exploits, that attracts my largest audiences - the "blogger" dashboard is a superb facility and provides statistical data which allows me to see when they logged on, what country they're from and how many individuals are looking, at any given time. It is a truly humbling experience to see that a particular offering has been subject to so much interest - I sometimes wonder what it would be like if I was popular? - although I don't suppose that'll ever happen!
My recent activity, whilst revisiting and exploring the lunacy of my past, has been a rather weird experience - it doesn't matter how hard I try, work, and my working environment, dominates the recollections. Angling is a very poor second. I'm forced to ask myself "Did it really mean that much? Was I really that obsessed?" The answer to both those questions is a resounding "YES" - what is happening is that I'm looking back with selective memory and am using my current mind-set to make judgement on my experiences. It's not working; I'm going to have to switch off Captain Sensible and get back into character! It might be a struggle, however, it seems to be the only plan I've got and, if I want this to be anything more than a pipe dream, my route to a successful conclusion.

A Roach of 2 lbs 10 oz - Wilstone Res. Tring - 15th August 1990
An even better aid will be an extended period of looking at those old slides, that Sarah had discovered in her attic - they ought to do the job? If photos of Cuddly and the gang don't do it - nothing will! By coincidence, Bev and I have been having a bit of a sort out and a few photo albums have been re-opened, I've got a load of my very early digi-scoped birding images and some 35mm photos from the final session on Tring - Startop's End (March 1993). Photos are powerful allies in the process, as is the music of the period!

My final Tench from the Tring complex.
7 lbs 2 oz - March 13th 1993 - Startop's End.
Amidst the angling debris, that we've unearthed, are some very old reels that were given to me - many years ago. I've never even considered using them. Are they junk, or part of a collection? Possibly anglers, of my era, are collectors without purpose - it's just something we do as part of our progression between the various stages of the journey through the hobby? Don't throw it away, it might come in useful? It's a very fine line between collecting and being a hoarder.

I've tried to get some background on this reel - but come to nothing.
It sits on the top of my bookshelves - sad really?
The recent conversation with Luke and Benno, whilst on the RMC, has also opened up another avenue of thought and possibilities. I find myself juggling with elements of pike, perch, barbel, Scotland - more pike, tench and carp projects; my head is awash with ideas. What I need is the opportunity to put them into practise.
Bev is very supportive - the book is something with which she is in 100%  agreement. She has never been involved in angling, nor birding, yet encourages my participation. Our shared life revolves around our personal relationship, the support of our children and grand-children - not forgetting our parents, as if we could? I'm a very lucky man - cue Emerson, Lake and Palmer!

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