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Monday 9 February 2015

Influence and inspiration

I love to read, although my subject matter is generally from a very narrow spectrum. The use of the written word to convey emotions is a gift with which very few individuals are blessed - the rest of us just write! A bit like painters? A select few are talented artists - the rest of us draw pictures, usually very badly! Lacking these abilities is not a disaster - so long as we are able to be understood, then the exchange has been a success. Whenever I read something that I find most captivating, I'm always in awe of the simplistic choice of wording that the author has used - why can't I do that? (Probably because I didn't take my education seriously and now seek to over-complicate where it is not required?)

Two of the books that sit upon my library shelves.
Tackle collecting (the book being a 1987 offering - published by Southerby's) is not something I do, although Bev would strongly disagree - I continue to use my vintage gear, not seek to offer it a retirement home.
Fred Buller's masterpiece is a book which has inspired me since 1979. The research that went into this work
is phenomenal, especially when you realise it was done before the internet!
The "dumbing down" of our nations education continues to gather pace - texting, twitter and umpteen other communications channels that disseminate instant drivel - William Shakespeare - what's he got to boast about? My study area, fortunately for me, is full of books - not in CD form; these are the real deal, bound paper copies - so with a tactile quality that digital can never hope to replace? The thrill I get from picking up a book is only equalled by the delight I get from reading the words held within the pages - proper writing, none of this txt short-hand crap.
It is very true that I despised my time at school , I still have a low regard for teachers - they should be forced to do a proper job before being allowed to go back into a school! (School - University - School! What basis for passing on education/experience is that?) But I remain forever in the debt of the UK education system - I can read and write, plus have a great love of mathematics, because some-one in my past made the effort to enthuse me!

The inscription within my copy of the Doomsday Book!
I used to visit Fred's gun shop in Amersham regularly - it was the only place I could purchase
VB (Vick Bellar's) double-hooks. 

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed school and did reasonably well at it, which I suppose helped my enjoy it, plus in the 50's/early 60's it was a simpler type of education. My main complaint is having to listen to teachers whinging on about what a hard and stressful job it when they get almost three months a year off on holiday, 5-6 weeks of it in the summer! Perhaps if they tried something really hard and stressful such as nursing, with just a few weeks annual holiday, they might realise how well off they are.