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Monday 23 February 2015

Staying focussed

I'm positive that at some time in the past, there will have been similar events, but I can't recall two consecutive winters where the weather has played such a significant part in my angling? Last year it was the floods, this year has been a combination of high winds, unsettled weather and ridiculous water levels - extremely high or low - no happy medium. Obviously the fish will cope with these conditions, but as an angler with limited time, I have been unable to adapt my approach to match the ever changing situations.

The oldest of my three Mitchell 300's. As you can see it looks like it has seen a bit of action.
I sincerely hope that I'll be able to add to history of this reel.
It's not that I unable to enjoy my angling, I have so many other compatible interests that I am never bored, but I am very definitely under achieving - by my own definition (not a competition with anyone else). If I'd have known how much flood water the RMC was carrying, I wouldn't have got out of bed on Saturday morning. Because I'd made the effort to get there, I fished out of spite, not because the chances of a fish were any thing other than zero - huge amounts of floating debris constantly dragging my tackle out of position - even with the rod tips pushed well into the water, the weed build up was like bunting hanging on my line and very quickly the flow would pull the line from the clip and the alarm would sound another false bite. It didn't help when it started to snow!. By 09.30 hrs, any enthusiasm gone, I was on my way home totally "pissed off". Will I ever catch another fish? Will I ever get to use one of my Mitchell 300's in anger?

The Mitchell 300A that Simon got me for Christmas - still awaiting a bite!
Realistically the answer to both these questions will be a yes - but how long am I going to wait? Will it be Scotland or is there a twist of fate just around the corner? Angling is all about optimism - my brother Simon often saying "It only takes one fish to make a season" and I'm very much a believer in that sentiment. However, I do have a slightly differing slant in as much as my season can also be made by the capture of a single fish but, and this is the difference, I must have caught it by design. Fluking a big bream, whilst carp fishing, doesn't count in my eyes. So is my season to be a success? I have until 14th March to make that capture which will raise it from very ordinary to something more memorable.

I'm not sure of the significance of any differences - my Mitchell 300
I have still got my "pike" head on and am convinced that my chosen venues are home to some exceptional fish, all I have to do is find them. Failing that, there are some chub and perch which could offer a realistic challenge in the remaining three weeks. I am starting my fifth week of "lates" - I will have plenty of time in which to make plans for the next session.
I'd made the effort to visit Kevin, over at Sandwich Coarse Fishery, on my journey home, on Saturday and we were able to have a decent chat. It would seem that this fishery, in line with most other local venues, has struggled to establish any consistency during these changeable conditions. Nice thing about Sandwich is that I can be there in fifteen minutes and have a choice of three different pools (I can't call them lakes) which offer the prospect of a decent perch. They might provide salvation should my pike angling come to nothing?

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