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Saturday 15 June 2013

XH558 - arrives at Manston

The Spirit of Great Britain - Vulcan XH558 on her final approach to Manston Airport
"Was she close?" I'd say so - this was taken with the lens at 170mm
As I had said in my last posting, the last remaining airworthy Vulcan bomber (XH558) flew in to Manston at 16.20hrs (approx) this afternoon. I was in pole position, along the Cliffsend road between Jentex and the Haine Road roundabout. The sun threatened to show, but thick clouds put pay the optimum photographic light. However, I mustn't grumble - the crew made a couple of approaches before touching down and I (and a few other enthusiasts) were treated to some fantastic views of this majestic aircraft. It wasn't a display; there were no roaring engines and vapour trails, just a very sedate couple of circuits - nice!

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  1. I can remember going up to the Vulcan air base as a child and being amazed by them,still 30yrs on still amazing